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September 19, 2012
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WARNING: Mild crack!

'What am I to do?' you thought in fear as you waited on one of the hospital chairs, combing you [h/c] bangs from you [e/c] eyes as you keep Ludwig company. His brother, Gilbert, got hit in the head after being hit by a flower pot in the sky and had to be hospitalized with a concoction. Well, it *did* started like any ordinary day with you and your recent new friends from Germany- it was suppose to be a lil' hangout to the mall and over to their house for the first time for supper... stupid flower pot, they think they can fly "Um... Ludwig?"

"Ja?" He was sitting right beside hid brother's bed, his hands grasping one of his. Even if they don't get along all too well, he had to be the 'big brother' and step in whenever you two were in tight spot. But not today, he didn't expect his own brother to be the victim.

You were hesitant, you thought he was mad at you. "What... would you want me to do-"

"For today?... *sigh* just go home, I'll stay and call you when he wakes up."

You nodded as you made you way to the receptionist to check out and walked back home.

~(The next Day: ?: ??)~


"What the fu-WOAH!!" You flailed on your bed fast enough to fall onto your Robin's Egg carpet floor. "uugghh..." you groaned, rubbing the sore spot on your head. You looked at the clock: 3:12 Am!! 'WHO THE FRUK WOKE ME UP AT 3 IN THE FRUKING MORNING?!!'


"AH'M COMIN' AH'M COMIN'!!" Lets say you're not the type when people wanted to wake you up at an EXTREMELY morning like- oh I don't know... maybe... between when you sleep and when you wake up! Your house phone rang once or twice more until you picked it up. "Yeah? This is the [l/n] residence, how may I be of fruking service?"

"Well, good morning [y/n]!" It was Ludwig, his voice alone made you actually wake up.

"Luddy?! Wh-why are you calling me so early?!"

"Well, my bruder woke up finally! And- uh..."


"...He went Dr. Evil on you, didn't he? *sigh* Hold on, I'm on my way."



~(Over to the hospital)~

"she hung up... ACK!" Ludwig had to duck from a flying tray of needles. "Bruder! This is nuts!" He rushed over and helped the doctors detain the psychotic whack-o.

"Nein! No one shall detain ze awesome Prince Prussia with mere witchcraft materials~! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!" He fought to be free and succeeded in mere seconds.

"Now, what the hell's going on?!" You barged in, witnessing Gilbert's antics like it was a circus.

"Ah~ Mein frau, so glad to see you~." He leaped off the chair he was standing in to rush over and kiss you.

"Hmph!" You gasped, I mean come on, he STOLE your FIRST KISS!! Immediately you shove him away. "What the he...heck?!" Remember, you can't cuss out loud in a hospital~!

"Oh~, my princess too shy to admit her undying love for ze awesome me?" He gave you a seductive wink, which made you blush from head to toe.

"Hold on [y/n], I'm calling Eliza right now." Ludwig escorted himself to the door, the doctors all fled out before he got the chance to. "In the meantime... go with... whatever this imbecile is doing..."

"You mean like... ROLEPLAY?!"

"...Ja..." With that, he was out the door, leaving a stunned you and Gilbert who thinks he's a prince 'slaying'. And by all of that, I mean using a broom to try and knock over the heartbeat meter, which he sees as a 'dragon'.

"Take that you monstrous fiend!" *whack* The broom hit the side of the monitor, *whack* "And some of that from ze awesom me!" *BWASH!* With that the heartbeat meter screen was destroyed along with the internal wires (and since the broom stick is made of metal... you know what that means~.) With that, poor Gilbert was getting his shock treatment.

"Oh FUCK, GIL!!" you rushed over to his side, shaking him violently- tears free falling from your [e/c] eyes. "GIL, YOU BETTER NOT DIE ON ME, GIL!! Gil... gil...?" At the first thought he was dead, you felt something snuck it's way behind your head and pulled you in for another you x Gil kiss.

Once your lips parted with his, you can see the devious glint in his eyes, "I wasn't really a prince, I just wanted to see what you tasted like."

'WHAT?!' your face blushed furiously, "um... H-how d-do I t-taste?"

He licked his lips, before coming into a conclusion, "Minty... but delicious~. Ich liebe dich frau~."

"I... heh, I love you too Gil... my foolish prince."

Request- :Prince!Prussia x Reader:by ReynWalker

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2012-2014 ReynWalker
Request for :iconmonkchoo24:

I'm not all too good with history, and I don't want to offend it, so why not? ^^;

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyprussia2plz:
Picture (c) :iconhubedihubbe:
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